Improve Students’ Self-Awareness and Collaboration Skills

It’s been over a decade since government and industry declared teamwork skills “essential” and educational institutions focused intently on improving their students’ ability to work in teams. Yet, today, the concerns over a “considerable interpersonal skill” gap remain and new graduates are still said to lack the teamwork skills required for success in team-based environments.

One reason for the enduring skill gap has been the lack of adequate tools for assessing teamwork skills. It’s darn hard to improve skills that can’t be measured well. Educational institutions continue to evaluate teamwork skills primarily through peer-assessments, which lack accuracy and make students feel uncomfortable having to evaluate each other.

So, we designed a simulation assessment to provide an objective evaluation of teamwork skills that can be used anywhere and anytime (no team required!). This tool can help diagnose your students’ strengths and developmental areas… and even evaluate the efficacy of your current training programs.

Would you like to try it with your class? Email us,, and we’ll be happy to share with you our tool and our own in-class experiences!