Exploring New Methods For Evaluating Teamwork Skills

Exploring New Methods For Evaluating Teamwork Skills

The current methods of assessing teamwork skills often lack validity and can be difficult to use… So, we are exploring new methods!

Our current design is based on the principle that the best way to assess teamwork skills is to evaluate how people actually behave in team-based situations.

We recreate common team dynamics through the use of chatbot AI and use a computer scoring algorithm to automatically analyze natural language responses. The resulting simulation tool is intuitive and simple to use. Yet, like most seemingly simple things, it reflects a complex design and sophisticated technology.

Here’s a snippet of the simulation where the team members are jointly figuring out the answer to the question: “What are the top 3 qualities of a great team member?” (Can you guess the real person in the group?)

The simulation takes approximately 40 min to complete and evaluates the following categories of teamwork skills:

  • Team Building – Promotes team cohesion and effective team functioning
  • Engaging Team Members – Proactively engages and encourages individual team members to contribute
  • Problem Solving – Actively contributes to team’s problem-solving and other task activities
  • Leading – Facilitates a positive team atmosphere that supports teamwork and boosts energy
  • Communicating – Communicates in a polite, friendly and respectful manner
  • Dealing with Frustration & Conflict – Maintains composure even when feeling disappointed or provoked by other team members; does not let personal frustrations adversely affect team dynamics

Here’s a quick video overview of the simulation.

Would you like to try the Skill Simulator for yourself? Click here (don’t worry, it’s completely free)! See if you’ve got the skills of a great team player.

We are an interdisciplinary team of academics and professionals in human resources (HR), education, artificial intelligence (AI), simulation design, software development, statistical analyses and other good stuff.

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