Exploring Methods For Evaluating Teamwork Skills

Many assessments of teamwork skills are difficult to use and lack validity… So, we are developing a better one!

Our design is based on the principle that the best way to assess teamwork skills is to evaluate how people actually behave in team-based situations.

We recreate common team dynamics through the use of chatbot AI and use a computer scoring algorithm to automatically analyze natural language responses. The resulting simulation tool is intuitive and simple to use. Yet, like most seemingly simple things, it reflects a complex design and sophisticated technology.

Here’s a snippet of the simulation where the team members are jointly figuring out the answer to the question: “What are the top 3 qualities of a great team member?” (Can you guess the real person in the group?)

The simulation takes approximately 40 min to complete and evaluates the following categories of teamwork skills:

      1. Team Building – Promotes team cohesion and effective team functioning
      2. Engaging Team Members – Proactively engages and encourages individual team members to contribute
      3. Problem Solving – Actively contributes to team’s problem-solving and other task activities
      4. Leading – Facilitates a positive team atmosphere that supports teamwork and boosts energy
      5. Communicating – Communicates in a polite, friendly and respectful manner
      6. Dealing with Frustration & Conflict – Maintains composure even when feeling disappointed or provoked by other team members; does not let personal frustrations adversely affect team dynamics

Try it for yourself (don’t worry, it’s free)! See if you’ve got the skills of a great team player.