The best way to assess teamwork skills is to evaluate how people actually behave in various team-based situations (rather than have them tell you how they would behave).

Our assessment simulation recreates common team dynamics through the use of chatbot AI and uses a scoring algorithm to automatically analyze natural language responses across various situations.

The assessment tool is very intuitive and simple to use. Yet, like most seemingly simple things, it reflects a complex design and sophisticated technology.

The simulation takes approximately 45 min to complete and evaluates the following dimensions:

1). Conflict Management Skills (incl. identifying conflict and reducing interpersonal tension, etc.)

2). Communication Skills (incl. building rapport, displaying optimism and positive attitude, etc.)

3). Collaborative Problem Solving (incl. helping teammates, facilitating teamwork, etc.)

4). Performance Management (incl. keeping focus, providing feedback and encouragement, etc.)

5). Team Leadership (incl. taking initiative, being decisive, influencing others, etc.)