We love applying the latest technologies and innovative thinking to solving real-life business challenges. We also love collaborating! We’re seeking partners on these fronts:

Business solutions

Are you a manager or an executive looking for an innovative approach to evaluating the soft skills of your applicants or employees? Let us help your organization make better selection, promotion and training decisions by evaluating soft skills more accurately and efficiently.

We’ll provide you with our tool at no cost (pay only for customization, if it’s needed) and even run a validation study for you. You get a state-of-the-art evaluation tool and a validation report; and we get to ground-truth our ideas and technology in real business situations!

Academic research

Starting in the fall 2018, we will be running a set of studies to empirically investigate various aspects of our simulation tool and its effectiveness. If you are an academic with a compatible research agenda, let’s talk.

Technical development

Does this project interest you from a technical or design perspective? Let’s work together to continue improving this design and technology. Or maybe, let’s develop additional approaches to evaluating soft skills by applying other cool technologies and modes of thinking!


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