Hard-pressed by soft skills, CIOs face talent challenge

A very interesting Wall Street Journal blog highlights the importance of soft skills in highly technical roles. Here’s a quick summary:

For chief information officers, the talent enigma known as the skills gap has two components: technical skills and soft skills. A recent study commissioned by Capgemini SE and LinkedIn Inc. claims 54 percent of global organizations say the skills gap is “hampering their digital transformation efforts.” The report also says, “the talent gap in soft digital skills is more pronounced than in hard digital skills.” That makes sense. Soft skills are more nuanced than technical skills. And they are more difficult to measure.

Amazingly, according to Joseph Fuller, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School, “Forty-nine percent of all terminations are attributed to deficient soft skills, which by a factor of 2x, is the number one reason workers are fired.”

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