Being able to identify the most promising team players early is critically important!

Better team players mean better team performance. Whether in sports, healthcare, technology or consumer products, better teams outperform on all fronts – creativity, efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Top team players are highly valuable and being able to spot such talent early – before your competition does – is a huge source of competitive advantage! (If others spot talent before you, it’ll be their talent, not yours, right?)

Unfortunately, teamwork skills are difficult to evaluate. It is rare to have an opportunity to observe job candidates in a team-based environment before making a hiring decision. And using interviews to evaluate teamwork skills is more likely to help identify candidates who can best “sell” themselves, rather than those who can best work in teams. Evaluating skills is particularly challenging when hiring young people, who often have little employment track record to indicate their skill proficiency.

Our AI-based simulation evaluates teamwork skills quickly, accurately and bias-free.

Are you hiring young talent based on a thin resume? Our simulation assessment can help you identify the most promising team players, pinpoint their strengths and help you develop them.